Let us therefore continue our triumphant march to the realization of the American dream.


The Place

Marchon is a new transit-oriented community in the heart ofhistoric Oakland—just one block south of King Memorial Station. Designed forAtlanta’s movers and shapers, Marchon makes modern apartment living accessible, convenient and cool. Step inside and you’llsee—and feel—that this is a place with a pulse and personality, a step outside ofthe ordinary. Inspired by the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. who stirred millions to march for what is right and just, Marchoncaptures the momentum of our city, honors its rich history, and uplifts thelives of all who live here.

The Name

This name is a reference to MLK’s historic 1965 speech, “OurGod is Marching On.” Let us march on poverty, let us march on ballot boxes…” In addition to the obvious historic tie to King, who is buried inOakland Cemetery, the name also alludes to the social responsibility that’s anattribute of this brand. 

Pronounced with a soft ch (mar-shon), like theFrench verb
"to walk," Marchon has an easy sophistication—elevated but familiar. 

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